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Cheyenne, WY
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Rick & Vicki Cox

I married my childhood sweetheart, Vicki, and we settled down to a
blissful life raising eight beautiful children. So blissful were we in
fact, that we hardly noticed our good health slowly slipping away from

That is until the few dozen extra layers of fat we each had begun
quietly layering on over the years actually served as fuel for the fire
of a couple of good health scares served to each of us.

We decided it was time to take our lives (and our health back). In less than three weeks on the product, Vicki lost 13 pounds and I lost 12!

Vicki, who has suffered a life time of intestinal problems said:

"AdvoCare's Fiber Drink is by far the best tasting fiber beverage I've ever tried, and believe me, I've tried them all! For a healthy change of pace, I turn mine into a breakfast smoothie by blending it with a small, low-fat vanilla yogurt and a couple of large carrots (sometimes a rib or two of celery as well). You'll be surprised at how great that tastes and it's a wonderful way to work in some extra veggies where you'd usually not expect to find them."

Things have been going so well for us that we decided to share our story with our family. Now our daughter, Carin, and her husband, Cregg, are AdvoCare distributors and users of the products. Carin lost 6 pounds in just a few short weeks and Cregg has broken his long-term soda addiction, switching to one or two servings of Spark a day instead. The change has enabled him to drop 18 pounds in just under two weeks! More importantly, he says he feels "GREAT!" What a difference a drink makes.

In another week or two, we expect to post more good news about our road back to great health.

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